40 Year Reunion Feedback and Future Reunions

On September 27-28th, 2013 the Class of 73 held their 40-Year Reunion at Skyline High School.  Many felt it was a great event.  The next day a Golf Tournament was held at Mountain Dell Golf Course. Thirty six classmate participated.  

This survey is design to give the planning committee and the class input on those events and also assist in planning future reunions and events.  Please take a few minutes and provide us with feedback so we can make the next reunion even better. 

Thank you.  

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1)   How would you rate the 40-year reunion reception?

  very poor
  about average
2)   What did you like most about the reunion?

  Friendly Atmosphere
  Photo Booth
  The Program
  The Video
  Football Game
3)   Do you have any other things that you thought added to the success of the reunion? Please describe them?

4)   What can be improved for the next reunion?

Better location, better acoustics, more notice, more activities, a formal dinner, introduction, etc.
5)   Pricing: Do you believe the cost to attend the events was reasonable?

Yes No
6)   If you do not believe the cost was reasonable, please explain?

7)   Was there any element of the reunion that you believe should be changed for future reunions? Please describe

8)   The reunion was planned around Homecoming and also because the planning started late. Based on your schedule, what time of year do you feel is best for having a reunion?

  Does not matter
9)   Did you participate in the Golf Tournament?

Yes No
10)   Please express you thoughts about the tournament?

11)   Would you be interested in participating in an annual golf event for our class?

Yes No
12)   When should we hold the next reunion?

  5 Years
  10 Years
  15 Years
  20 Years
  Wait til we get to heaven or........
13)   Do you have any suggestion of where we should hold the next reunion?

  Same Place - Skyline High School
  At a Convention Center or Hotel
  At a Park
  At Cory Hair's Home
  Bismarck, North Dakota - It is very lovely
14)   If you have another idea for the location of our next reunion, please write the suggestion here?

15)   Do you have any other suggestions?