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How is my name included/excluded on the Classmate Profile list?  We started with the lists we used for the 20 year reunion and also entered names from the 1973 yearbook.  We are defining the Class of 73 as anyone who attended high school with us (1971-73) and was in our class, even if they moved away or otherwise left before graduating.  If your name is missing, use the 'Contact Us' link and let us know.   

Frankly,  the information we have to contact individuals is old and we do not have many email addresses.  Some have made contact through Facebook or but the information is skimpy.  We have access to some internet locating software, but that can be costly.  So we need your help to find more than 400 missing  people and get this information to them.

Are we using other tools and third-party websites such as and Facebook to find alumni?   This is the only "official" website for our class.  We hope that it will be useful for years to come.  Many of our alumni have signed up with third-party websites over the years including and, but those sites charge to access information so we determined that this is the most effective way of providing information to you.  Other sites charge fees and we don't.  Our class information will reside here and we have control over our content. We encourage feedback and welcome your comments.  Use the 'Contact Us" link at the left. 

How do I view the webpage online yearbook and profiles?  You must first 'join " the site by updating you Classmate Profile.  It's free and secure.  After you do so, you will be able to log in to view other profiles that have been added or updated since your last visit.  You can also initiate contacts with other classmates by using the 'Send a Private Message to.... or link on registered classmate profiles.  We have a link for the 45 Year Reunion but the planning has not taken place yet.  We will update you when that time comes. There is a lot of information here and we will continue to add to it as we go forward. We hope you like it. 

Why Should I or Would I Attend a Class Reunion?    This is a great question.  Why would you.   Well, it is not because you are more beautiful with more wrinkles and more pounds and want to show it off.  Hopefully deep down you are more beautiful inside;  or at least a bit wiser.   You could look at it as a study in Anthropology with a good sample of the "then and now" that would be the basis for terrific learning.  One reason many come is to be see someone that you really want to see and if you don't come then they will be disappointed.  It is always interesting, sometimes enlightening and it is just good to reconnect. 

When is the Next Reunion?     We asked and surveyed those that attended the 40th Reunion and the majority said that wanted to have a 45 Year Reunion and yet many did not come.  The turnout was pretty low. There were not more than 30 classmates that attended.  We believe that many will be planning on coming to the 50th Year Reunion. It seems that people liked having it at Skyline and felt good about late summer or early fall.  The 45th Reunion was held at Skyline so we could be there one last time before the school is torn down and rebuilt. By the time the 50th Reunion happens Skyline as we knew it will be gone, but we will also be different.  Details will be coming as we get closer to that date.  Please try not to pass away on us before that time.