50th Year Reunion

Event Details

Skyliners, the time is quickly coming for us to celebrate 50 years since we graduated from high school.  Why Celebrate? Well, for one thing many of us are still around and if you are curious at all you may want to see what life has been like for other classmates. I personally know of some interesting stories that are worth hearing.   In addition, you are extraordinary people and even though you are sagging, wrinkly and overweight we wanted to give you plenty of notice to lose the extra weight you want to lose, to get any plastic surgeries you feel would make you look younger or enhance your best attributes or just get over yourselves and make the decision to come and have some fun. 

The planning committee has met a few times and wanted to get notice out to as many of our class early.  Your task is three-fold. 

  1.  Go to the two websites we have for our class and see who has not signed up for either site. This will be the means we use in addition to your word of mouth to get the information out to our class about the reunion.  Our class website is www.skyline73.com.   In addition, we have a Facebook page and this is the location for it:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/575475190737193 or you can just search Facebook for Skyline Class of 73.  We have 377 classmates that have signed up on the website and there are 51 individuals as members on the Facebook site.  Some on both. Please encourage anyone that you see that it not on either site to just sign on so we can get the information to them. 
  2. SAVE THE DATE.   We are planning a two-day celebration beginning on August 11, 2023 thru August 12, 2023.  Details are pending reservations but the first day will include a time for classmates only.  The second day you can bring your partner or whatever you call them.  We will have it set up early next year for you to register for the events. 
  3. We have some funds that we have received over the years from our generous schoolmates, but it will not cover the anticipated costs.  As you have probably noticed the price of things has gone up. This is not a political statement it just is reality right now. So, we have a spot on the Skyline 73 website that allows you to donate funds to help us.  If you cannot make it work, please let me know.  

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are still working on the details, but promise to keep you informed as we go forward.